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The benefits of Soworker

Groter bereik

Greater reach on social media

Meer reacties op vacatures

More responses to job vacancies

Meer leads op campagnes

Creating fruitful leads

Lagere marketingkosten

Lower marketing costs

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Increase reach via social media

With an employee advocacy program you can easily increase your reach on social media and create traffic to your website. Research has shown that:
  • 31% of fastest growing companies have an employee advocacy program

  • 55% of employees indicate that they want to participate in such a program

  • 88% of employees use at least 1 social media platform and...

  • 50% already share content from their employers.


The Basics of Soworker in 90 seconds

How it works

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Our prices

Test Soworker for two months for free with an unlimited number of users. Our prices apply per month and are exclusive VAT.  A subscription may be canceled at any time. With more than 500 users, different prices apply. Contact us for more information.


£ 45 / $ 55 / month

< 50 users





£ 120 / $ 155 / month

< 250 users





£ 215 / $ 280 / month

500 users



Each license contains all functionalities

  • Platforms LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp
  • Number of posts Unlimited
  • Planning Content scheduler
  • Analytics Extensive user statistics
  • Gamification Stimulate usage via SoWo's
  • White Label Use your own branding
  • Training Coaching & on-boarding
  • Responsive Mobile friendly
  • App Android, IOS
  • Flexible subscription Per month terminable
  • Languages English, Dutch, German, French
  • Guide Getting Started Guide
  • Support 24/7 via phone, chat and e-mail (in English and Dutch)
Martijn Rademakers and Patrick Veling, founders of SoWorker
Easy content sharing

Our story

In 2014, Martijn and Patrick (the founders of Soworker) were both active in the marketing field and, among other things, responsible for attracting visitors to their companies' websites and ensuring more leads and revenue. Content was shared from the employer via social channels and employees were asked to do the same. This usually meant copying/pasting the information and re-sharing. What emerged was a group of enthusiastic employees that took on this role within the company.

This is how the idea for Soworker came about; sharing information can and should be made easier. After working out the idea literally at the kitchen table, the first version was developed and further optimized based on feedback from users. With Soworker, it is easy to share and distribute messages and offering 24/7 service is central.

We are now active in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. We’re very happy with our customers and excited about new ideas to optimize Soworker, always with the aim to cater to the wishes and needs of our clients.

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