Creating fruitful leads

Content marketing is a powerful means for lead generation, because in the longer term building is done on the findability of a company (SEO). 

No less than 64% of employees indicate that they attract new customers through an Employee Advocacy Program. Did you know that if an average of three percent of employees share LinkedIn content from the company, this results in already 30% more engagement, according to the book 'Employees as online ambassadors in 60 minutes.' According to research from IBM leads generated by employees on social media yield seven times more response than other leads.

Relevant netwerk better than paid
Thanks to the relevant network of employees, a campaign that employees are proud to share can be much better than a paid campaign. There are plenty of examples of organizations that write articles and create content specifically designed to allow their account managers to share it. That content often provides interaction and from that interaction, leads arise and ultimately sales.

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