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Social media are often used for recruitment purposes by sharing vacancies on the relevant channels among the right target groups. Social media offer sophisticated possibilities for segmentation for recruitment marketing.

Your colleagues are active on social media and have a relevant network. They are trusted advisors within their network. Did you know that as many as 84% ​​of people trust recommendations from people they know. The average number of followers per platform is:

  • LinkedIn: between 500 and 999
  • Facebook: 155
  • Twitter: 124

With the help of your colleagues you have a great potential to reach qualified candidates to fill job openings. Research from Hinge Research Institute shows that 86% of employees participating in an Employee Advocacy Program indicate that this has a positive effect on their careers. The biggest benefits they mention are that they can update both themselves and their network about the trends and market developments in their industries. In addition, they can inform their network about skills and new insights that are needed in their profession.

Reach a relevant network
Millennials see 'engagement' on their content as an important added value for their professional status. In addition, for millennials it is a way of communication that naturally suits them. Many companies regularly share content about how nice it is to work for them, in order to also reach latent job seekers. They do this by sharing a simple photo of the lunch, the table tennis competition, or the weekly get-together for drinks. Some companies even make videos of the company team participating in the Mudmaster run, for instance. This way job applicants get a good idea of ​​the company they may work for. Such content, when shared by employees, can easily enter a relevant network. Once an actual job vacancy is posted, there is a greater chance of success to find viable candidates through an Employee Advocacy Program.

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