Update on company pages and Facebook personal

Soworker is constantly working on improvements to the platform to make sharing social media easier.

Native video for business pages

The company pages (we call this business recognizable by the logo of the social medium with a B) of LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram now have the option to upload and share native video. So, you can now choose to share an image or a video. Consider the following permitted formats for the video: mov, mp4. File size min. 75KB and max. 200MB. Recommended size: 1200 x 628 pixels. We have indicated the optimal criteria for each platform.

Facebook personal adjustment

The personal Facebook API has been changed, so things work differently than before. Creating the message proceeds as usual. However, the text is no longer directly included by the API when it is placed. The ambassador can copy the text from the text box and then paste it in the Facebook field when starts sharing, or add a text himself. If Facebook makes it possible again to post the text directly, we will make this available immediately.
For Facebook Business, everything still works as before, because that API has not been changed.