More tips for an Employee Advocacy pilot

Duration of the pilot

A period of three months is a good duration for a pilot.


After the first experiences have been gained during the pilot, you can invite more employees.

Also tell these employees what the purpose is and what the first experiences were like.

Let the first ambassadors play a role in this.

Share results

To ensure that employees remain enthusiastic, it's important to share results.

Through the Soworker dashboard you always have insight into the number of messages that have been shared.

Motivate with SoWo’s

  • Every time an ambassador shares a message, he or she receives a SoWo.
  • This offers you the opportunity to highlight and reward ambassadors who share content.
  • You can link incentives to SoWo’s. The employees can then ‘trade in’ their SoWo’s for an incentive.
  • With the SoWo’s you have extra motivation to participate and share.