Your own images work better

The more personal the better is the motto for social media. But there is little time and then stock material is so easy. We as Soworker are too often guilty of this. For example, we were recently pointed out by a customer that our article about 'personal mail' was accompanied by our own style image, but with stock photo. Oops! We immediately replaced it with our own image. The stupid thing was that we hadn't thought of just making an image. And that is also our tip. Invest every now and then in a good photo shoot with your own colleagues to create usable images. Prepare it well. You can think of:

1. Which location is suitable and relevant for what you do?
2. Which attributes do you need to make clear what you are doing?
3. What style do you use? Do you possibly use a filter or certain colors for the background and do you have a certain dress style?
4. In any case, describe a number of photos or scenes that you need in advance.

Then it is still good to remember that a photo does not have to stand alone. It is possible to add extra text or images, for example with icons or graphics. We use an easy tool Canva for this, but there are more tools you can use.

Just an extra warning if you take pictures of people, yes even your own employees; make sure you have a good Consent Form or a so-called Quitclaim. In this you state that the person in the photo gives permission to use the image. Below we give an example text:

I hereby give permission for the use of the video and photo recordings on which I can be seen and/or heard. The recordings will be used for communication about <fill in>

For any other or separate use of my contribution outside the context of these productions of the producer, the producer will ask and obtain my permission.

Consent can be revoked at any time by sending an email to <person/email address>.

And now let's get started.