Start with a limited number of employees

Select a limited number of colleagues (at least 5) that you know are open to new initiatives and are already active on social media. Ask these colleagues if they want to participate in a pilot.

You can choose to involve people from different departments. Then you are already working at a good capacity, and after the pilot you have someone who can help and stimulate the rest of the department.

However, you can also choose a department that leads the way, for example marketing or communication. Then after the pilot you can show the success and progress of a department, which can serve as an example for the rest of the organization.

Organize a kick-off in which you not only show how Soworker works and what the goal is, but also explain the broad social media strategy, possibly followed or combined by a LinkedIn course.

Make sure you have content.

Make sure you have content to share immediately after the kick-off and create a content calendar.

Select, for example, a white paper?, a newsletter, or a vacancy.

You can already 'schedule' multiple messages in Soworker so that colleagues quickly get used to sharing the content.

Duration of the pilot

A period of three months is a good duration for a pilot.