Within the Soworker platform you can use WhatsApp to share content. Using WhatsApp for content marketing is relatively new, but offers many opportunities. For example, on WhatsApp, the average opening percentage of messages is a whopping 98%.

If you would like to share a message via Soworker, you can check the contacts with whom you want to share the message in your contact list. If you have a fixed group of business relations or colleagues with whom you communicate via Whatsapp, you could also create a mailing list for this. This goes as follows;

1. Open WhatsApp and click on the 3 dots at the top right
2. Choose ‘New mailing list’
3. Add the contacts and name the list

If you now want to share a Soworker message via WhatsApp, choose this mailing list and the message will be shared directly with all contacts in the list.