Soworker recommends starting with a pilot when starting employee advocacy. During this pilot you will gain experience about what your colleagues like to share, what is successful and where you can improve before you roll out further.

Select a limited number of colleagues (at least 5) who you know are open to new initiatives and are already active on social media. Ask these colleagues if they want to participate in a pilot. Below we share an example email that you could use when starting a pilot.

Dear Joyce,

It is important for [COMPANY NAME] to be present on social media. That is why we regularly share messages on our social media channels. In this way we inform our customers, we arouse the interest of new customers and we can recruit new colleagues.

We want to reach an even larger target group with our messages and ask you to help with this. You can do this by sharing our messages via your own network on social media.

To make that easy for you, we use the online platform Soworker. Through this platform, you can share the messages in a few clicks. For this you will receive an e-mail via Soworker on [DATE] to create your password and set up your account.

The email you receive from Soworker explains exactly how to do this. If you have any questions, you can always contact Soworker via or + 31 30 2272990.

Of course you decide whether you want to participate in the sharing of content. If you don't participate, we would like to hear from you. Then we will ensure that you do not receive an email from Soworker.

We are convinced that your contribution will ensure that we become even more successful and would like to thank you for your efforts.

Socially yours,