New: Share on LinkedIn Showcase Pages

More and more companies choose to use showcase pages in addition to the LinkedIn company page to draw attention to specific services, products, locations or areas of expertise. With Soworker it was already possible to prepare content for the LinkedIn company page, from now on you can also share content directly on your showcase page.

How does it work?
It works the same as connecting and sharing on a business page.

To connect
1. Log in to
2. At Account, choose 'Company pages on social media'
3. Click on the orange button 'Add company page'
4. Now the list of pages of which you are the administrator appears and you can add them.

The latter is important; As with company pages, for Showcase Pages, you must be an administrator to post content.

1. When you have created a publication, click on Publications in the menu
2. Scroll your mouse over the title
3. You will now see the text 'Share on company pages'
4. Click on that and the window opens and you can share

More about LinkedIn Showcase Pages
As mentioned, showcase pages are extensions of your LinkedIn company page. These pages are ideally suited to highlight individual brands, services, business units or initiatives. On the company page, the showcase pages are shown as "affiliated pages". You can also find them through the LinkedIn search bar. With showcase pages you can therefore efficiently target a specific target group and offer this relevant content. Visitors can choose to follow only the showcase page instead of the company page. Showcase pages are recommended, for example, if you are working with buyer personas. You can offer them exactly the content that is of interest to them.

A good example of the use of showcase pages is Microsoft with more than 10 showcase pages. Examples are a page for Microsoft 365 with almost 265,000 followers and a page for Microsoft SQL server with more than 68,000 followers. Two different disciplines with a specific target group.

Want to get started with a showcase page yourself?
Here you will find everything about creating your own LinkedIn showcase page.