With Soworker you can easily share content via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp. From now on you can also share publications via Instagram.

Over 1 billion users
With over 1 billion users worldwide, of which 500 million use the app daily, Instagram is a hugely important social media platform. The possibility to use Instagram as part of the employee advocacy program is therefore a big wish of many customers. A wish that is now being fulfilled.

Research shows that engagement on Instagram is ten times higher than on other social media platforms and that 83% of users discover new products or services via the platform. Instagram is also a perfect channel to use for recruiting new colleagues.

Instagram is pre-eminently the channel through which you can inspire and show what the culture is within your company by sharing photos and videos from, for example, a company event, a party or another cool event.

What is possible?
If you use Instagram in Soworker you can share photos with accompanying texts as a private message, in the feed or as a story. So you do not have all the options that you have with a private Instagram account. In addition, Soworker is dependent on the possibilities that the social media platforms offer to so-called "third party" companies.

Of course we constantly keep an eye on the developments within the platforms. As soon as new options become available, we will add them.

Soworker is convinced that with the current version you can take nice steps with employee advocacy via Instagram.

Create and share posts
Preparing and sharing messages at Instagram works differently from what you are used to at LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. This is because Instagram does not use an API.

Prepare a message as follows;
1. You log in to Soworker as a manager
2. You make your publication as usual
3. You prepare a message for Instagram
4. You can tag a company or name by including the exact name in your message with an @ sign in front of it
5. You can also add hashtags
6. A URL is not required and is not shown with a link in Instagram

When sharing on Instagram, the Editor / Ambassador has the option to do this as a Private Message, in the feed or as a Story. If you have a clear preference, it is best to indicate this in the accompanying notification. If you have added a text to the image, it is important to know that it is only shown in the feed.

Once the message has been prepared, the Editors and Ambassadors can share the message. Please note: this is only possible by using the Soworker app. This can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Playstore and is free to use.

If the Editor / Ambassador chooses to share as a Private Message or Story, only the image is shared. If they share the message in the feed, it works like this:
1. You open the Soworker app
2. You click on the Share button for the message that you want to share
3. You now enter the publication and you can determine on which platforms you want to share
4. With Instagram you can change the publication (Editor) or directly choose Post
5. If you choose Share, Soworker copies the accompanying text
6. You now choose Private Message, Story or Feed
7. If you choose Feed, the image will be displayed immediately, next to it is a text field, where you can now paste the copied text by tapping the screen in the text field. Then you see paste and you can paste.
8. You can now also tag people or add a location via the options that Instagram offers.

Once you are used to this method, you will see that you can quickly share content via Instagram.