With Soworker you could already easily share content via LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. From now on you can also create publications and have them shared via WhatsApp.

Of course, we don't add WhatsApp without a reason. Research has shown that WhatsApp is the most used medium for sharing content. No less than 63% of the respondents indicate that they do this via a private message. 54% use social media to post content.

Sharing via WhatsApp is easy;

  • the users do not have to make a connection
  • the manager enters the content and a URL
  • the editor / ambassador can share via desktop / laptop or via mobile

When sharing via the desktop / laptop, we check whether the user uses the desktop version of WhatsApp. If so, he / she can immediately start sharing the message with the desired contacts. If that is not the case, you can click on the WhatsApp web-version. Then the process is self-explanatory.

Sharing via mobile is even easier; you click on places and then open your contact list in WhatsApp. Again you choose to whom you want to send the message.

Sharing publications via WhatsApp is a unique feature. This is now in beta version, so if you bump into something, we'd love to hear it.

WhatsApp is not widely used for content marketing. We can imagine that you still have to experiment a bit with the type of content that you share. It is also a communication channel that many people are used to and is ideally suited for 1 to 1 communication. We believe that you can communicate in a very targeted way via WhatsApp.

The results of sharing via WhatsApp are also included in the dashboard.

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