Almost every company is operating in a market with a lot of competition. Several alternatives are available for almost every product or service and many products are interchangeable with each other. In short, the competition is fierce. How do you ensure that your company stands head and shoulders above the rest?

The answer to this question lies largely in a powerful tool that does not cost much and can be used by any company; the power of the network of your own colleagues.

Amplify reach through your own colleagues
Content marketing is one of the most important marketing spearheads within many companies. And rightly so, it is one of the best resources to claim thought leadership and present cases. It is precisely with these types of topics that you can show how you as a company distinguish yourself from your competitors and show how you solve problems for your customers. You can also show new employees how much fun it is to work for your company.

You will of course place this content on your website and your own social media channels. If you have a newsletter, you will of course also place the article in your newsletter. But have you ever considered that you can also have your content shared by your colleagues? And we are not just talking about communication or sales colleagues. Every colleague can share their expertise or that of the company via social media.

All these colleagues have a network on social media and are often a so-called "trusted advisor" for that network. A person who is seen as an expert in a particular field. This applies to those communication and sales colleagues who naturally come out more often, but also the colleagues from product development who know all the ins and outs of the products. Or the colleagues in the service department who know exactly which questions are most important to customers and what the answers are to those questions. All colleagues with a passion for what they do and the company they work for.

These colleagues like to share content, according to research, but they do not always know what is or is not allowed. They could use some help with that. For example, that someone creates the content for them and prepares it for sharing. This way they can show their network what they can help with and that your company is the best choice. Once on their way, these ambassadors turn out to be the best communication channel you can think of. This phenomenon is called employee advocacy. Employee Advocacy has a higher reliability factor than a brand, the director or the product research shows. That makes sense, because you trust someone you know more.

Summarized; the content is there, the colleagues are there and would like to share content. All you have to do is put it together. This way you ensure that your company stands out in a competitive market.