Did you know that by actively involving your colleagues in the distribution of content you create up to eight times more reach? By approaching a very relevant target group, you will get more leads and responses to vacancies.

These are of course good results, but with a few simple steps you get even more returns from your employee advocacy program.

1. Personalize messages
With the employee advocacy program you motivate your colleagues to share content. Just the step to start sharing is a huge leap forward. It not only increases the visibility of the organization, but also ensures that they are seen as a so-called "thought leader" within their own network.

This effect is enhanced if colleagues personalize the content, or provide it with a personal touch. This will make the message a little more appealing. Studies have even shown that it provides an improvement of no less than 64% in engagement compared to messages without this "touch".

It is important that they are helped on their way. Sometimes colleagues find it exciting to share content (maybe I'll do something wrong) or they don't know what to add. Make sure they know who to turn to with questions and give them some suggestions.

If you give colleagues the role of editor in Soworker, they will be able to adjust the messages you have created with a personal note.

2. Time
The next step in optimizing the return of the employee advocacy program is to publish the content at the right time. The ‘perfect moment’ differs per company and type of relationship. With one company it is early in the morning, with the other in the early evening.

In general, for posts on LinkedIn Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 12 and 2 o'clock is the best time. But you should test whether that also applies to your relationships.

By posting your message when your target group is online, you automatically increase your visibility and thereby reach.

In Soworker you can schedule when your message should appear on the social media platform. You can post immediately or schedule the desired day and time. This way your message gets attention at the right time.

In this article you can read more about the ideal moments to post.

3. Gamification and incentives
By making sharing content easy, you have already taken an important step to make the employee advocacy program a success. To make it even more successful it helps to make sharing fun. This can be done by highlighting the most successful colleagues, but also by rewarding them with incentives.

In Soworker you can use "Sowos". Every Sowo represents a point for every message they share. You link rewards to the Sowo’s that colleagues save for. Examples of fun incentives are;
- compliments from the boss for a whole day
- free coffee voucher
- cinema voucher
- concert tickets
- or for example a course or training

4. Mail with reminder
Most colleagues do like to share content. Only sometimes it just isn’t the right moment when you send them the message. And due to the busy work it can happen that they forget to share the message.

By sending them a weekly overview of messages they can share, you remind them to post anyway. In Soworker you have the option to automatically send this reminder. Once a week or once every two weeks. On the day and time that best suits your colleagues.

You can set the weekly overview as follows;
1. Log in at www.soworker.com
2. Select Organization in the menu and then Settings
3. Here you can check if you want to use the weekly overviews and indicate the frequency, day and time
4. Then click on "Save"

With these tips we are convinced that your employee advocacy program will become even more successful.