With an employee advocacy program you can easily increase your reach on social media and get more website visitors. Research has shown that:

31% of the fastest-growing companies have an employee advocacy program
55% of employees indicate that they want to participate in such a program
88% of employees use at least 1 social media platform and...
50% already regularly post messages, photos, and videos from the organization.
Involve your colleagues and employees in your content strategy and have content shared for you. This does not necessarily have to be self-made content, although this form is the most effective, but curated content can also be a form that makes it easier to spread awareness of your company via social media. Hereby increasing your visibility. Of course it is important that the content is in line with the core values ​​and themes of your organization.

Statistics show that if a colleague shares something on social media, the effect is considerably greater than if the company itself shares it. A colleague appears to be much more credible than a brand, certainly in his/her own network.

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